Can I replace just the blind slats only?

Your vertical blinds have seen better days but it seems a shame to throw the whole thing away and buy a new one. Its only the blind slats that look a bit shabby but the head rail system works fine. Fear not, You can buy blind slats only for vertical blinds and simply hook them onto your existing vertical blind headrail.

All you need to ensure is that the replacement blind slats will fit your existing vertical blind headrail. Take a look at the picture below. Can you see the hanger? If yours looks the same (yours may have just one hole which is still fine) then the replacement blind slats will fit.

will replacement vertical blind slats fit my rail?
Image courtesy of Just Blinds

Simply establish if you have 3.5 inch slats or 5″ slats by measuring the width of one, your rail will be designed to carry one or the other so if you have 3.5″ slats already then you need to order the same width slats.

Where can I buy vertical blind slats only?

Click this link to buy vertical blind slats in the UK from as little as 50p each!

Read this article on how to measure vertical blind slats


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