The Cheapest Vertical Blind Slats

Throughout the year some online blind shops will have a clearance sale of discontinued fabrics. It’s during one of these sales that you can pick up some incredibly cheap vertical blind slats. Fabrics that were once quite expensive are sold off to make way for the new seasons designs. Take this vertical blind slat fabric, called Spice. This fabric was available in white or cream and in also in colours. To be honest the white and cream vertical blind slats may be reduced in price slightly as they are always good sellers but the coloured vertical blind slats are usually sold off at an unbelievably low price.

Cheapest Blind Slats in the UK  The cheapest vertical blind slats in the UK

Spice Blue vertical blind slats  and Spice Green vertical blind slats are currently available at just 50p each and that even includes new weights and chains!  This blind slat fabric was once a premium fabric and sold for much more. These have to be the cheapest blind slats in the UK at the moment. Once they’re gone that’s it though as they are a discontinued fabric. These replacement vertical blind slats look great in any room and are ideal for someone who needs to buy a lot of slats i.e. for a conservatory or maybe you’re a landlord looking for cheap blinds? The photo at the top shows the Spice green vertical blind slats installed and they look great and at just 50p each they have to be the cheapest vertical blind slats online.

What Is The Difference Between Blind Slats and Louvres?

In a word, Nothing! What we’re talking about here is the name given to the strips of fabric that make up a vertical blind.

Being in the blinds business, we tend to refer to these are blind slats, we know however from our many enquiries from customers around the UK that they have different names for them. In no particular order here’s the most popular that we hear:

  • Blind slats
  • Blind vanes
  • Blind louvres
  • Blind louvers
  • Blind strips
  • Blind fabric
  • Blind drops
  • Blind material

Fear not, all these refer to the same thing, the name given to the strips of fabric that hang from a vertical blind. What do you call them?

It still isn’t common knowledge that these blind louvres can be replaced quickly and cheaply to give your old vertical blinds a new lease of life.

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