Choosing the right replacement vertical blind slats

So you’re looking for replacement vertical blind slats and you need to know the difference between what is on offer before you buy?

First of all decide if you want to buy made to measure vertical blind slats or if you’ll be happy with the slat packs sold by some DIY stores. The slat packs are usually sold at a set size and this means that each slat needs to be cut down and fitted with a temporary type hanger. These slats may look like good value but you need to allow ten minutes to shorten each blind slat. Lets say you have 30 slats or louvres on your vertical blind then thats 5 hours spent getting them to the right length. If there was a huge difference in price then you may be able to justify this however made to measure vertical blind slats are often cheaper and will come made to the exact size that you specify.

The next thing you want to consider is are the vertical blind slats sewn or glued? Without a doubt you want to have slats that have sewn hems. If glue is used then within no time the glue will delaminate in the heat of the sun or simply from a nearby radiator and before your know it you’re left with shabby looking blind slats again.

Some Blind Companies in the UK¬†supply their replacement vertical blind slats without bottom weights or chains. You may in fact think that you don’t need any as you can re-use your old ones. Have you ever started to decorate a room and painted a white door with fresh white gloss? It makes the old paint immediately look a washed out coffee colour doesn’t it? That’s exactly how your old weights and chains will look on your new blind slats. Ideally you want to find an online blind shop that will not only provide weights and chains as standard with your new blind slats but will also have pre weighted and chained the slats before dispatching. This means that all you have to do is to hang the replacement slats on your existing rail, make coffee, sit back and admire!

Will new blind slats fit my existing rail?

Mostly the hangers used in replacement blind slats are universal. Check out this article about buying blind slats to see a picture and make sure that replacement vertical blind slats will fit your rail.

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