Replacement blind slats for the office

If your office already has vertical blinds then an easy way to give the office a facelift is with replacement blind slats.  Available in 3.5 inch (89mm) and 5 inch (127mm) widths replacement vertical blind slats can transform the most dull office in minutes.

Certainly in the summer months, light and glare control are important in a modern office. Vertical blinds provide excellent light control and if you choose the correct vertical blind slats you and your staff will have a more pleasant working environment.

What to consider when buying replacement blind slats for the office.

Blackout replacement blind slats give greater light, heat and glare control than any other fabric. They also have the benefit of being stain resistant as they are made from a pvc vinyl and so can be wiped down easily. Another added benefit that you’ll get with blackout blind slats for the office is that they are able to dim the room sufficiently should you ever use a projector or give video presentations. A normal fabric replacement blind slat will diffuse the light and still provide protection against glare and also privacy. It may be worth checking depending on your situation if you require FR (fire retardant) fabric.

Available in a range of colours and fabrics replacing your office blind slats just the thing to ensure a happy work force this Summer.

Take a look at replacement slats for vertical blinds starting at just 95p each