Replacing bathroom blind slats

There’s perhaps two considerations to make when choosing replacement blind slats for a bathroom

  1. Bathroom blinds will be subjected to humidity and may even get wet
  2. Bathroom blinds should provide adequate privacy

Depending on where your bathroom window faces you could perhaps get away with vertical blind slats that don’t offer much in the way of privacy, However you can’t get away from the fact that bathroom blind slats will often get damp. If you buy cheap replacement blind slats then I suppose the damp issue isn’t a problem as you’d perhaps get a couple of years good service from any type of fabric. If however you want to ensure that you can wipe the blind slats down and that they will stay looking good at your window for longer then you may want to consider pvc waterproof blind slats. These are available as 3.5″ waterproof blind slats and 5″waterproof blind slats. These slats (or vertical blind louvres as they are sometimes called) have the added benefit of being blackout fabric and so will provide the ultimate in privacy.

Don’t get confused with the pvc rigid vertical blind slats. These are still a fabric but are like a vinyl material and so completely waterproof. If your existing blind rail is fine then you only need replace the slats. If however you are looking for a complete waterproof bathroom blind then they are available too.

The only downside to these type of vertical blind slats is that they don’t come in a huge range of colours. It really is a matter of their function dictating their form.