Vertical Blind Slats for Hilarys Blinds

If you have vertical blinds from Hilarys and you are looking to replace the blind slats then your aren’t necessarily tied to Hilarys Blinds and therefore you can save some money. Many other blind companies sell vertical blind slats that … Continue reading

Something other than white or cream vertical blind slats

vertical blind slat reviews

Summer’s here and although white blind slats and cream blind slats are the most common choice due to them being neutral, we thought we’d give you some inspiration to try something a little more daring when choosing replacement vertical blind … Continue reading

Where can I buy replacement blind slats?

Where can I buy vertical blind slats?

Changing your vertical blind slats is a great way to freshen up your decor. Your vertical blind will look like new for very little cost. Regardless of if you are looking for 5 inch or 3.5 inch blind slats, you … Continue reading

Choosing the right replacement vertical blind slats

Choosing a blind slat shop

So you’re looking for replacement vertical blind slats and you need to know the difference between what is on offer before you buy? First of all decide if you want to buy made to measure vertical blind slats or if … Continue reading

Why vertical blind slats are an interior designers best friend

vertical blind slats are versatile in interior design

The world of interior design is fast moving. Tastes and trends change each year if not each season. Last years colours was plum and berry, this years colours are tangerine tango, lime and rose red. So in order to refresh … Continue reading