Vertical Blind Slats for Hilarys Blinds

If you have vertical blinds from Hilarys and you are looking to replace the blind slats then your aren’t necessarily tied to Hilarys Blinds and therefore you can save some money. Many other blind companies sell vertical blind slats that fit Hilarys blinds for a fraction of the price.

Hilarys replacement blind slats start at £2.40 each up to £3.00 whilst Just Blinds sell vertical blind slats from as little as 50p eac

h! Thats. nearly 80% cheaper! Click the image to view the Just Blinds range of replacement blind slats that will all fit Hilarys Blinds head rail.

You can see the type of hangers that are sewn into our replacement blind slats here

Don’t pay over the odds for replacement vertical blind slats.

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replacement slats for hilarys blinds