Why vertical blind slats are an interior designers best friend

The world of interior design is fast moving. Tastes and trends change each year if not each season. Last years colours was plum and berry, this years colours are tangerine tango, lime and rose red.

So in order to refresh the rooms in the house on a budget each year you really should consider vertical blinds. interior design vertical blind slats. Not only do vertical blinds do a great job of controlling light with their tilt feature but a little known advantage to vertical blinds is that vertical blind slats can be replaced easily and at little cost.

This summer you may want to go for a neutral white or cream blind slat whilst in winter you may choose a warmer colour and thicker fabric such as brown suede blind slats. With cheap replacement blind slats you are able to do these changes to your decor quickly and cheaply

Add a few cushion covers and candles, paint a relief wall and before you know it you’ve transformed your room.