About Vertical Blind Slats

Changing your vertical blind slats is by far the better option when considering a new blind. As long as your current vertical blind head rail or track is still operating then why go to the expense of changing the whole vertical blind? Even the cheapest vertical blind will still be more expensive than just buying replacement vertical  blind slats.

NB We call them blind slats but they are also known as louvres, vanes, strips and panels.

vertical blind slats

All you need to know about replacement vertical blinds

We have compiled some questions that you may have about replacement vertical blind slats. Click on the FAQ link at the top of this page to find answers to the questions that you may have. Be sure to visit our online blind slats shop to see our range of made to measure vertical blind slats from just 50p

We’ll try to answer some of the questions that you may have when looking to buy replacement slats such as:

Replacement louvres for vertical blinds – reviews

We will also be doing regular reviews on replacement blind louvres, Giving you hints and tips and vertical blind slat special offers. Keep up to date on the colours and choices available throughout the UK. We’ll try to be a resource not just on blinds but on interior design in the UK.

Replacement blind vanes are so very versatile. They are available in a wide variety of colours and fabrics from blackout to washable. Blind slats are relatively cheap and so are easy to replace when it comes to redecorating your room or office. You’ll see that we publish guides to which slats and louvres are suitable for which room in the home or office.

Please feel free to  bookmark us and check back often.