Vertical Blind Slats for Hilarys Blinds

replacement vertical blind slats for hilary's blinds

If you have vertical blinds from Hilarys and you are looking to replace the blind slats then your aren’t necessarily tied to Hilarys Blinds and therefore you can save some money. Many other blind companies sell vertical blind slats that fit Hilarys blinds for a fraction of the price.

Hilarys replacement blind slats start at £2.40 each up to £3.00 whilst Just Blinds sell vertical blind slats from as little as 50p eac

h! Thats. nearly 80% cheaper! Click the image to view the Just Blinds range of replacement blind slats that will all fit Hilarys Blinds head rail.

You can see the type of hangers that are sewn into our replacement blind slats here

Don’t pay over the odds for replacement vertical blind slats.

Blind Slats for Hilarys Blinds | Replacement Slats for Hilarys Blinds | Blind Slats that fit Hilarys Blinds

replacement slats for hilarys blinds

Replacement blind slats for the office

replacement vertical blind slats for the office

If your office already has vertical blinds then an easy way to give the office a facelift is with replacement blind slats.  Available in 3.5 inch (89mm) and 5 inch (127mm) widths replacement vertical blind slats can transform the most dull office in minutes.

Certainly in the summer months, light and glare control are important in a modern office. Vertical blinds provide excellent light control and if you choose the correct vertical blind slats you and your staff will have a more pleasant working environment.

What to consider when buying replacement blind slats for the office.

Blackout replacement blind slats give greater light, heat and glare control than any other fabric. They also have the benefit of being stain resistant as they are made from a pvc vinyl and so can be wiped down easily. Another added benefit that you’ll get with blackout blind slats for the office is that they are able to dim the room sufficiently should you ever use a projector or give video presentations. A normal fabric replacement blind slat will diffuse the light and still provide protection against glare and also privacy. It may be worth checking depending on your situation if you require FR (fire retardant) fabric.

Available in a range of colours and fabrics replacing your office blind slats just the thing to ensure a happy work force this Summer.

Take a look at replacement slats for vertical blinds starting at just 95p each

Where can I buy replacement blind slats?

where to buy replacement blind slats

Changing your vertical blind slats is a great way to freshen up your decor. Your vertical blind will look like new for very little cost. Regardless of if you are looking for 5 inch or 3.5 inch blind slats, you may be asking “where can I buy replacement blind slats?” you’ll find a great selection in our vertical blind slat shop.

If you are unsure how to measure or order your new blind slats or have any questions then see our guides to buying vertical blind slats.

Be sure also to check our our product reviews to see if theres anything that catches your eye. If you are in the market for changing your existing blind slats then you’ve come to the right place. We have lots of information to help you choose, measure and order your replacement vertical blind slats. Click here to find out how to measure for replacement blind slats


Choosing the right replacement vertical blind slats

Choosing a vertical blind slat shop online

So you’re looking for replacement vertical blind slats and you need to know the difference between what is on offer before you buy?

First of all decide if you want to buy made to measure vertical blind slats or if you’ll be happy with the slat packs sold by some DIY stores. The slat packs are usually sold at a set size and this means that each slat needs to be cut down and fitted with a temporary type hanger. These slats may look like good value but you need to allow ten minutes to shorten each blind slat. Lets say you have 30 slats or louvres on your vertical blind then thats 5 hours spent getting them to the right length. If there was a huge difference in price then you may be able to justify this however made to measure vertical blind slats are often cheaper and will come made to the exact size that you specify.

The next thing you want to consider is are the vertical blind slats sewn or glued? Without a doubt you want to have slats that have sewn hems. If glue is used then within no time the glue will delaminate in the heat of the sun or simply from a nearby radiator and before your know it you’re left with shabby looking blind slats again.

Some Blind Companies in the UK supply their replacement vertical blind slats without bottom weights or chains. You may in fact think that you don’t need any as you can re-use your old ones. Have you ever started to decorate a room and painted a white door with fresh white gloss? It makes the old paint immediately look a washed out coffee colour doesn’t it? That’s exactly how your old weights and chains will look on your new blind slats. Ideally you want to find an online blind shop that will not only provide weights and chains as standard with your new blind slats but will also have pre weighted and chained the slats before dispatching. This means that all you have to do is to hang the replacement slats on your existing rail, make coffee, sit back and admire!

Will new blind slats fit my existing rail?

Mostly the hangers used in replacement blind slats are universal. Check out this article about buying blind slats to see a picture and make sure that replacement vertical blind slats will fit your rail.

Find out more about measuring and ordering replacement blind slats.



Why vertical blind slats are an interior designers best friend

vertical blind slats are versatile in interior design

The world of interior design is fast moving. Tastes and trends change each year if not each season. Last years colours was plum and berry, this years colours are tangerine tango, lime and rose red.

So in order to refresh the rooms in the house on a budget each year you really should consider vertical blinds. interior design vertical blind slats. Not only do vertical blinds do a great job of controlling light with their tilt feature but a little known advantage to vertical blinds is that vertical blind slats can be replaced easily and at little cost.

This summer you may want to go for a neutral white or cream blind slat whilst in winter you may choose a warmer colour and thicker fabric such as brown suede blind slats. With cheap replacement blind slats you are able to do these changes to your decor quickly and cheaply

Add a few cushion covers and candles, paint a relief wall and before you know it you’ve transformed your room.



Can I replace just the blind slats only?

vertical blind slats only

Your vertical blinds have seen better days but it seems a shame to throw the whole thing away and buy a new one. Its only the blind slats that look a bit shabby but the head rail system works fine. Fear not, You can buy blind slats only for vertical blinds and simply hook them onto your existing vertical blind headrail.

All you need to ensure is that the replacement blind slats will fit your existing vertical blind headrail. Take a look at the picture below. Can you see the hanger? If yours looks the same (yours may have just one hole which is still fine) then the replacement blind slats will fit.

will replacement vertical blind slats fit my rail?
Image courtesy of Just Blinds

Simply establish if you have 3.5 inch slats or 5″ slats by measuring the width of one, your rail will be designed to carry one or the other so if you have 3.5″ slats already then you need to order the same width slats.

Where can I buy vertical blind slats only?

Click this link to buy vertical blind slats in the UK from as little as 50p each!

Read this article on how to measure vertical blind slats


vertical blind slats only | replacing vertical blind slats | how to replace my blind slats



Replacing bathroom blind slats

waterproof vertical blind slats

There’s perhaps two considerations to make when choosing replacement blind slats for a bathroom

  1. Bathroom blinds will be subjected to humidity and may even get wet
  2. Bathroom blinds should provide adequate privacy

Depending on where your bathroom window faces you could perhaps get away with vertical blind slats that don’t offer much in the way of privacy, However you can’t get away from the fact that bathroom blind slats will often get damp. If you buy cheap replacement blind slats then I suppose the damp issue isn’t a problem as you’d perhaps get a couple of years good service from any type of fabric. If however you want to ensure that you can wipe the blind slats down and that they will stay looking good at your window for longer then you may want to consider pvc waterproof blind slats. These are available as 3.5″ waterproof blind slats and 5″waterproof blind slats. These slats (or vertical blind louvres as they are sometimes called) have the added benefit of being blackout fabric and so will provide the ultimate in privacy.

Don’t get confused with the pvc rigid vertical blind slats. These are still a fabric but are like a vinyl material and so completely waterproof. If your existing blind rail is fine then you only need replace the slats. If however you are looking for a complete waterproof bathroom blind then they are available too.

The only downside to these type of vertical blind slats is that they don’t come in a huge range of colours. It really is a matter of their function dictating their form.

How to shorten blind slats

Shortening vertical blind slats

Sometimes you may have a need to shorten your vertical blind slats. Maybe you’ve had a new window installed or a new internal window cill. Maybe you have decided to reuse an existing vertical blind and you need to adjust the length of the blind slats.

Well you’ll be pleased to know that shortening blinds slats is easy. There is no sewing or gluing involved either and within minutes you can shorten your blind slats to whatever length you require simply by using these rather clever DIY vertical blind slat hangers. They come in two pieces, you fold the blind slat fabric over the thin plastic rod and then slide the hanger over that. The slat is gripped in place and your slats are as good as new! Simples! Need to shorten blind slats? The blind slat hangers are available from Just Blinds priced at 65p each


Blind slats for angled windows or conservatories

vertical blind slats for angled or sloping windows

Sometimes a sun lounge conservatory will have an angled or raked head frame, sloping windows, slanted windows, triangle windows, call them what you will. Lean to type conservatories are typical of this. So how do you order replacement blind slats for these sloping or angled windows given that each one is a different length?

The solution is quite simple really. Most reputable blinds companies have automatic vertical blind slat or louvre cutting machinery that can be programmed to cut vertical blind slats for angled window frames. The only information that you need to provide when ordering vertical blind slats for angled window frames is:

  1. The number of blind slats required
  2. The measurement of the longest blind slat
  3. The measurement of the shortest blind slat

Simply provide this information to the blind slat supplier and they will be able to manufacture your new blind slats each to the correct measurement.

Often blind slat suppliers charge different prices depending on the length of the slat you are buying. For instance it may be one price for slats up to 48″ and another for slats longer than that. Normally you will pay for your slats based on the longest one.

Click the link to buy vertical blind slats for angled windows and conservatories